Ashley and Cory - Married!

When I get up on game day/wedding day I pray for good weather conditions. It's always hit or miss with St. John's. You could get bright sun, cloud, fog, rain...even snow! (Haven't experienced snow yet on a wedding day but I know it's coming!) I often tell my clients optimal conditions are a little overcast, no wind and mild....anyone who has spent any time here knows this is a wish list for weather. But on the day Ashley and Cory were to be married we got exactly what I wanted. A lil' overcast but still bright, mild and NO WIND! Nuts...I couldn't' believe it. I knew right away we were hooked up big time so I had to take advantage of it. I knew from Ashley and Cory's first photo session with me back in the fall (check it out here) that they were both quite natural in front of the camera and would enjoy themselves. A couple of things that greatly impact the final images. Ashley and Cory's wedding party could not have been any better as well. Great group of people.... all of which I was told practiced their model face for the big day in front of the camera. ha. Ashley and Cory - thanks SO MUCH for having me along on your wedding day. It was great getting to know you both a lil' better and meeting your families.

It was an awesome day and I think the photos reflect the fun had by all.

Hope you enjoy the honeymoon!




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